Straight To The Sax Mood Board & Creative Direction

This document shows my process for creating the mood board and creative direction for my client. Before I begin this process, I have my client send me a link to a Pinterest board full of images that they like the look of to give me an idea of the overall vibe they're going for in their brand. After they send that Pinterest board over, I go through it and put together a couple different mood boards to send to the client to give me feedback on. I create the moldboard to show specific typography, patterns, color palettes, and photography style that I think would work well with their branding. 

After this step is done and they choose a concept they would like to move forward with, I use the mood board created as a vision/inspiration board, giving me a guideline and idea where to go when creating the logo for the brand and the brands personal customized mood board showing their brand identity.
Thank you for looking at my project and stay tuned for the next part!

** I have permission from the client to share my entire process in my portfolio. All photos in this document come from various artist and I don't claim any ownership of them, they are purely used as inspiration and mood boards and not used in the final client deliverable **

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