Straight to the Sax Brand Strategy & Creative Direction
This is step two in my brand identity creation for Straight to the Sax. This step involves putting together a PDF package involving the brand story, mission, final mood board inspiration (The final mood board will be in the presentation package, showing the final logos, typeface, photography style, color scheme, etc. all with custom/copyright free photos), brand values, and more. This package is put together using the information the client has already given me, then sent to the client via email to receive their feedback and/or requests for more information.
After receiving feedback from the client about this packet, I make note of anything they tell me before moving on to the final steps of the branding process: The actual designing part! After I design the logos, brand pattern, mockups and more I will put them in a final presentation packet. Stay tuned for when I upload this!

** All imagery is sourced from copyright free sites such as Unsplash, Pexels or Envato Elements. All information provided about Straight to the Sax has been shared with permission from the client. The packet template was purchased from Abi Connick at** 

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